Goal Setting

We help you create, track and achieve your various life stage goals

Not to have control over your finances is like sailing in a rudderless ship. A rudder controls and gives direction to the ship, similarly investments with goal gives direction to your financial well-being.

There are different life stages for an investor and at each life stage his risk profile could be different. Risk profiling helps investors to find appropriate asset allocation strategy at different stage of life. Like fingerprints, investment profiles of people are always unique. Age, Life stage, income, savings, dependents and mindsets are factors that define a person's attitude towards investments. Risk taking ability and mental frame of mind plays a key role in determining where the investor ultimately puts his money.The first step in asset allocation is 'Risk Profiling'.

Risk Profiling combines two key areas:

  • Estimating financial risk-taking capacity
  • Understanding the (psychological) risk tolerance level of an individual.

Risk profiling can unlock far more value for both investor and financial advisor. It provides an advisor clear understanding of investor's mental frame of mind and his personal and financial circumstances.